Burke's Barrage

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eMretsiM (video)

     Burke's Barrage is a three ball trick established by Ken Burke which looks like a Mills Mess with one ball carried through the pattern in a circular motion. It is one of the many 423 tricks, and is especially similar to Takeouts (the two tricks are often confused with each other). However, compared to Takeouts, Burke's Barrage benefits more from speed than size, and is best performed at a height similar to Mills Mess. For this reason, Burke's Barrage is slightly more difficult than Takeouts, therefore the latter trick should be learned before trying this pattern.

    To start learning Burke's Barrage, juggle a normal Takeouts pattern, but try carrying your hand between the two center balls, instead of over them.
      Practice this until your are comfortable with the motion. After that, the only thing left is to practice making the two throws look like their part of a Mills Mess. This is done by throwing the balls across your body instead of in vertical columns—though the trick can still be performed with columns throws if you so desire. If you are having trouble getting these throws to look good, it might help to practice the Fake Mess, another 423 pattern that also mimics a Mills Mess.