Low Shuffle

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     The Low Shuffle (improvised name) is a variation of the standard Shuffle pattern in which all the non-slammed balls are thrown beneath the slammed ball. This leads to a more compressed pattern, and higher odds of collision. For that reason, the Low Shuffle is more difficult than the normal Shuffle, therefore you should learn the latter before trying this trick.

    Assuming you know the regular Shuffle, the only step to learning the Low Shuffle is to practice a single slam. Start with two balls in your non-dominant hand, and one ball in your dominant. Make a low Cascade throw from your non-dominant hand. At the same time, raise up your dominant hand and prepare to make a slam. As the first ball passes its peak and begins to fall back down, make another low Cascade throw while almost simultaneously doing a slam with your dominant hand, catching that ball with your non-dominant hand and claw catching the first ball with your dominant hand.
    And that's pretty much it. Just keep adding throws as you become more comfortable with the throws, and with some practice you will be able to run the Low Shuffle for extended periods of time.