Synchronous Fountain

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MrJugglr (video)

     The Synchronous Fountain is a variation of the standard Fountain pattern where two balls are thrown simultaneously, instead of a staggered  timing. The trick itself is slightly harder than the normal Fountain, simply because you are dealing with two balls at once for each throw and each catch. Therefore, it is best for you to already know the regular Fountain before learning this synchronous variation, and this tutorial will assume you do.

    There is really only one step to learning the Synchronous Fountain once you know the standard pattern Start with four balls, two in each hand. Then, throw one ball from each hand simultaneously. Once those balls have reached their peak, throw the last two balls up along the same path, and then catch both pairs of balls.
    Practice this extensively. When you feel comfortable, add in a third pair of throws, then a fourth, fifth, and so on. Eventually, you will be able to run the pattern for long periods of time, at which point you will be juggling the Synchronous Fountain.