Shower: Swap Variation

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asf360 (first trick)

     The Swap variation of the Shower is essentially a normal Shower with an extra double pass made underneath every high throw. This gives the pattern a more rushed feel, and makes it harder to control. The Swap variation can also be thought of as a synchronous version of the High-Low Shower, though it is a faster and smaller pattern.

    To learn the Swap variation, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make a high throw from your dominant hand and then, as that ball reaches its peak, make a pass from each hand simultaneously, raising your non-dominant hand up slightly to avoid collision. After the two passes are completed, the high ball thrown earlier should be descending toward your non-dominant hand. Make a second high throw from your dominant hand paired with a horizontal pass from your non-dominant hand, clearing space for your non-dominant hand to catch the first ball.
    Practice this step extensively. To run the full Swap variation, simply perform another double pass underneath the second high throw, followed by another throw/pass combination. The cycle then repeats. The Swap variation of the Shower is not a particularly hard pattern, but the quick double pass will take some time to master.