High-Low Shower

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billi billert (demonstration)

     The High-Low Shower is a variation of the Shower that can be best conceptualized as a small Shower pattern being juggled underneath a much larger one. This requires a decent amount of speed and accuracy, but the most difficult part is learning to make very small throws right after making large ones (you will naturally want to make successive throws at the same height). That being said the High-Low Shower is still a fairly easy pattern overall, and is quite fun to juggle.

    To begin learning the High-Low Shower start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant hand. Make a very high throw from your dominant hand toward your non-dominant hand and then quickly follow it up with a lower throw in the same direction followed by a horizontal pass from your non-dominant hand. The lower throw should be significantly smaller than a normal Shower throw. Catch both the high and low throws in your non-dominant hand.
    Practice this until you can accurately perform both the high and low throws. To run the full pattern simply make another high throw—this time with a corresponding horizontal pass—before catching the previous high throw, and then make another low throw and repeat the cycle. The High-Low Shower can be an intimidating pattern for beginners, but learning to quickly make throws of widely different heights is very useful for future tricks.