Five Ball Multiplex Columns

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MrJugglr (video)

     Five Ball Multiplex Columns, also called 4 up 1 up, is essentially a three ball Columns pattern with stacked multiplexes made for the outside throws. These simultaneous multiplexes make the trick significantly more difficult to control, particularly when catching them.

    To learn the Five Ball Multiplex Columns, it is best to begin by practicing the multiplexes. Start with two balls in each hand, and then make a vertical stacked multiplex from each hand. Then catch the balls using the same hand that threw them.
    Practice this step extensively. Once you become comfortable throwing and catching the multiplexes, you are ready to add in the fifth ball. Start with three balls in your dominant hand and two balls in your non-dominant. Make a single vertical throw from your dominant hand at the center of your body, and when that ball reaches its peak and begins to descend, make the two multiplex throws performed in step one, clearing space for you to catch the first ball with your dominant hand. Then catch the rest of the balls.
    Once you are able to do one cycle of Five Ball Multiplex Columns, you simply need to make another single vertical throw from the center of your body, and follow it up with another pair of multiplexes. Your pattern will probably be messy at first, with the multiplexes being thrown out of alignment. This will improve as you spend more time practicing the trick.