Five Ball Stacked Multiplex Cascade

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Zendays (third trick)

     The Five Ball Stacked Multiplex Cascade is essentially a three ball Cascade where two of the throws in a given cycle are stacked multiplexes. This means that you are throwing two balls at different heights in the same direction. The addition of two balls to what is normally only a three ball pattern makes the Five Ball Stacked Multiplex Cascade a cramped trick in which collisions are common. For that reason, this trick is more difficult than other five ball multiplex patterns such as the Five Ball Split Multiplex Cascade.

    To learn the Five Ball Stacked Multiplex Cascade, it is best to begin with the two multiplex throws. Start with two balls in each hand, and then make a stacked multiplex from your dominant hand. As those two balls approach your non-dominant hand, make a second stacked multiplex, this time from your non-dominant hand. This will clear space for you to catch the two balls from the first multiplex. Catch the other two balls in your dominant hand.
    Practice these two throws until you can perform them in a controlled manner. At that point, you are ready to add in the fifth ball. Start with three balls in your dominant hand and two balls in your non-dominant. Make a single normal throw from your dominant hand, and then follow it up with  multiplex from your non-dominant hand and then a multiplex from your dominant hand. Catch all the balls after these three throws.
    Once you have mastered all three of these throws, you simply need to make another single Cascade throw and start the cycle all over again. At that point you will be doing the full Five Ball Stacked Multiplex Cascade.