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Micah Rowe (video)

     The 552 is a four ball pattern in which each hand makes an uninterrupted pair of Cascade-like throws. This gives the pattern an odd asymmetrical-yet-symmetrical feel which separates it from other four ball tricks. The 552 can also be thought of as two two-ball Snakes crossing paths with each other, therefore it is best that you already know the three ball Snake before trying this pattern.

    To begin learning the 552, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Throw the ball in your non-dominant hand across your body, and then make two sequential throws from your dominant hand to your non-dominant hand, clearing space for your dominant hand to catch the first ball. Then catch the other two balls in your non-dominant hand.
    Practice this on both sides. As you may have noticed, this is really just a portion of the three ball Snake. However, it is also the foundation of the 552. Once you have this step mastered, you are ready to add in the fourth ball. Start with two balls in each hand, then make one throw from your non-dominant hand, followed by two throws from your dominant hand (just as in the previous step). As the first ball from your dominant hand approaches your non-dominant hand, throw the ball the latter hand is holding, clearing space for the other ball to land. Once that ball has been caught, throw it back across your body, making room for the second ball from your dominant hand to be caught. Then catch the rest of the balls.
    Practice this on both sides. Once you have it mastered, all that's left to run the full 552 is to make another two throws with your dominant hand after the last throw in the step above, starting another cycle. This pattern is enjoyable to juggle in its own right, but is also a great warm up to the Five Ball Cascade.