Zebra Factory

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     The Zebra Factory is a three ball pattern that can sort of be imagined as an N-Box added onto the beginning of the Factory. The trick consists of an upward diagonal pass followed by a traditional Factory carry, with most of the added complexity coming from the pass. For obvious reasons, you should already be comfortable with the standard Factories before attempting this pattern, and it helps to know the N-Box as well (though this isn't necessary).

    To begin learning the Zebra Factory, start with one ball in each hand. Make an upward diagonal throw from your non-dominant hand toward your dominant side, while simultaneously throwing the ball in your dominant hand underneath the diagonal ball in an arc toward your non-dominant hand. You will then raise your now empty dominant hand and catch the diagonal ball at about shoulder height. As the other ball begins to descend toward your non-dominant hand, you will horizontally shift your dominant hand to the non-dominant side of your body (as if doing the Factory). Lastly, you will catch the second ball with your non-dominant hand. The ball carried in your dominant hand is not thrown.
    Practice this step until you are very comfortable making the two throws. To add in the third ball, start with two balls in your non-dominant hand and one ball in your dominant hand. Make a diagonal pass from your non-dominant hand and an arcing throw from your dominant hand (as you did in step one) and then, as the arcing ball descends toward your non-dominant hand and as your dominant hand is finishing its carry, you are going to throw the second ball in your non-dominant hand toward the dominant side of your body. This will clear space for your non-dominant hand to catch the arcing ball thrown at the beginning. As the ball just thrown by your non-dominant hand reaches its peak, you are going to drop the ball in your dominant hand and quickly snatch the other ball at its peak (just as you would in the Factory). As the dropped ball is descending toward your non-dominant hand, you will make a roughly vertical throw from your non-dominant hand near the center of your body, clearing space for your hand to catch the dropped ball. You will then catch this vertical throw with your non-dominant hand as well.
    Once again, practice this step until you are comfortable with all of the throws. To continue the pattern, simply make another diagonal/arcing throw pair before catching the vertical ball, and proceed from there. The Zebra Factory is a good trick for the intermediate juggler who wants to add an interesting twist to the basic Factory, and is not especially difficult.