Four Ball Takeouts

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     Four Ball Takeouts is, as it sounds, a four ball version of Takeouts, accomplished by adding a multiplex to the normal 423 pattern. For this reason it might help to already be familiar with tricks like Cliff's Confusion, which share the same style of multiplex throw. Regardless, you should definitely have regular Takeouts mastered before attempting this version.

    To begin learning Four Ball Takeouts, start with one ball in your dominant hand and two balls in your non-dominant. Cross your non-dominant hand under your dominant hand, and then make a short under-the-arm stacked multiplex throw from your non-dominant hand while simultaneously revolving your dominant hand up and over the top multiplexed ball. Catch the bottom multiplexed ball with your dominant hand as it completes its revolution, and then catch the top multiplexed ball with your now empty non-dominant hand.
    As shown in the animation above, you will want to get to the point where you can perform this step on each side of your body in rapid succession. To add in the fourth ball, start with two balls in each hand. Make a throw from your dominant hand toward the center of your body, and then cross your non-dominant hand under your dominant hand and make an under-the-arm stacked multiplex, clearing space for your non-dominant hand to catch the ball previously thrown by your dominant hand. As that stacked multiplex throw is being made, swing your dominant hand over and around the top multiplexed ball, catching the bottom multiplexed ball as the hand finishes its revolution. As that catch is being made, make a throw from your non-dominant hand toward the dominant side of your body, clearing space for the hand to catch the top multiplexed ball. The last ball will then also be caught by your non-dominant hand (on the dominant side of your body.
    Practice this on both sides. To run the full pattern, simply modify the last part of the previous step so that the last ball is caught by your dominant hand after it makes an under-the-arm multiplex throw on the non-dominant side of your body (mirroring the second throw and first catch of the sequence). Four Ball Takeouts is one of the easier four ball tricks, requiring only an hour or two of practice if you are already experienced with regular Takeouts.