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     Levels is a multi-level shape distortion of the Extended Box (a.k.a Double Box) that incorporates several different types of throws into a symmetric and visually appealing pattern. It is a moderately difficult pattern, but when properly executed, its difficulty is well-hidden by the apparent simplicity. Because its shape is quite simple, this is a fantastic base pattern from which many interesting variations can be found, similar to the Box itself.

     To learn the Levels pattern, you can start by introducing a Luke's Shuffle-style slam throw into the standard Box pattern. Keep this throw as horizontal as possible, such that it is caught at a higher elevation than normal, and the concurrent Box throw from the opposite hand is thrown to an even greater height. Next, release the shuffled-over ball so that it falls downward and then very quickly move that same hand upward to catch the ball it just threw. This catch should occur at the top of the pattern, while the other hand tosses a low throw in the center of your body, or even slightly on the other side of your body as an underarm throw. Finally, slam the ball which was caught at the top of the pattern down and subsequently claw the center ball, as in the N-Box, and proceed juggling the Box.

     Practice this 3-beat sequence on both sides. Once you are comfortable with these throws, the final step is to simply change the last N-Box throw into the initial Luke's Shuffle throw for the flipped cycle, then continue repeating the pattern.

     One key aspect to understanding this pattern is that the vertical throw on each side must be caught when the ball has reached its peak. Your hand therefore needs to chase up after the ball immediately after throwing it, stopping midway to perform a very quick catch and release of the ball being thrown down diagonally from the top of the other side of the pattern. The angle of this diagonal throw is somewhere in between an N-Box slam and a horizontal Inverted Box throw, since it is caught at the middle level of the pattern.

Tutorial created and submitted by Andrew Olson.