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eMretsiM (video)

     Takeouts—often mistakenly called Burke's Barrage—is a trick in which you make large orbits with your arms while throwing another ball back and forth between hands in the center. Though it may seem complicated, Takeouts is fairly easy to learn, and also quite impressive to audiences.

    To learn Takeouts, it is best to start out with two balls, one in each hand. Start with your arms crossed, and then make a vertical throw with your non-dominant hand, moving your dominant hand up over the pattern. Re-cross that arm underneath your non-dominant hand, which will then catch the ball it threw.
    As shown in the animation above, practice this on both sides. Once you are comfortable with the arm orbit, you are ready to add in the third ball. Start with your arms crossed, two balls underneath in your non-dominant hand, and one ball on top in your dominant hand. Make a vertical throw with your non-dominant hand and orbit your dominant arm around (like in the first step), then throw the second ball in your non-dominant hand up, and catch both balls.
    Practice this on both sides. Once you have this pattern mastered, try chaining two of them together. Instead of ending by catching the center ball with your top hand (as shown the step above), you are going to make a vertical throw with the your bottom hand, clearing space for the center ball to be caught. Simultaneously, you are going to orbit your top arm over and under the pattern and and then catch the last ball with your hand that is now on top.
    And there you have it. Just keep adding in cycles as you become more and more comfortable with the pattern. Eventually you will get to the point where you can run the trick continuously, at which time you will be juggling Takeouts.