Reverse Synchronous Fountain

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Todd Strong (demonstration)

     The Reverse Synchronous Fountain is a variation of the standard Synchronous Fountain in which the balls are thrown toward the center of your body from the outside. Assuming you are already comfortable with the regular Synchronous Fountain, this trick should not be too difficult to learn. However, the fact that balls from each side are being thrown towards each other increases the odds of collision and makes the Reverse Synchronous more tricky to master than the standard pattern.

    To learn this trick, start with two balls in each hand. Then, simultaneously throw one ball from each hand toward your body, as if in a reverse Two-in-one. Then, when those balls are at their peaks, throw the last ball from each hand in a similar fashion as the first, catching the first pair of balls and then catching the last pair.   
    Once you can do this consistently, all that's left is to keep adding more throws until you are able to run the Reverse Synchronous Fountain continously.