Reverse Chops

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     Reverse Chops is a variation of of the standard Chops pattern in which the balls are carried up and out of the pattern from the center, as opposed to down from the outside in. Despite the opposing directions, Chops and Reverse Chops feel fairly similar to juggle, therefore, assuming you already know Chops, this pattern should not be that difficult to learn.

    Start by juggling a normal Cascade. Then, reach over with your non-dominant hand and make a roughly vertical throw underneath your dominant arm (similar to normal Chops). At the same time, take your dominant hand (which is holding a ball), and bring it up and over the the ball just thrown. Circle the arm back and continue juggling a normal Cascade.
    Practice this carry on both sides. Once your are comfortable with it, try doing the carry continuously on one side.
    Once you can do continuous Reverse Chops with each side isolated, it is only a matter of combining them together and you will be juggling the full pattern. It is best to just do two or three carries in a row to start with, and then add more in as you become comfortable with the trick.