Three In One

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Chris Taibbi (video)

     The Three In One is a three ball pattern in which all three balls are thrown and caught by the same hand. The balls travel from the center of your body to the outside of your body in a continuous circuit, identical to that seen in the Fountain. In fact, the Three In One can be seen as simply half of the Six Ball Fountain.

    To learn the Three In One, it is best to start with just two balls. Hold both balls in your dominant hand, and then make two quick vertical throws angled slightly toward the outside of your body. The throws should be done in quick enough succession that your dominant hand should temporarily be empty. You will then catch each ball and throw it back up with the same timing.
    Practice these two throws until your can perform them smoothly and consistently. To add in the thirds ball, you are going to hold all three balls in your dominant hand and then make the same two throws as you did in the previous step. This time however, you will still have one ball left, and it will be thrown right as the first ball approaches your dominant hand.
    Practice this extensively. Once you can make all three throws and catches in a controlled manner, you simply need to keep adding in more and more throws and you will be juggling the Three In One.