Four Ball Box

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     The Four Ball Box is, as it sounds, a four ball version of the Box pattern, which is normally juggled with three balls. However, the Four Ball Box differs from its little brother in two major respects. Unlike in the regular Box, horizontal passes do not simply alternate direction, but instead occur in pairs, with two balls being tossed to the same hand sequentially. Similarly, the outside throws do not simply consist of one ball thrown vertically, but instead follow a Three in One-style trajectory, with two balls in the air at any given time. These differences make the Four Ball Box more complicated than the regular Box, though the trick is still relatively easy compared to other four ball patterns.

    To learn the Four Ball Box, it is best to begin with a simpler three ball pattern. Start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make two sequential throws from your dominant hand, as if juggling the Three in One. As you are doing the second throw, make a horizontal pass from your non-dominant hand to your dominant hand. At this point, all three balls should be on the dominant side of your body. As the first ball thrown approaches your dominant hand, you are going to pass back the ball in that hand to your non-dominant hand, clearing space for you to catch the first ball, after which you will catch the second ball.
    Since these throws form the core of the Four Ball Box, it is important that you practice them extensively on both sides. Once your are proficient on each side, you can chain the two sides together. After you pass back the third ball to your non-dominant hand (the last throw of the previous step), you are going to throw it up in air and repeat the same throws done in the previous, except on the opposite side of your body. The horizontal passes should be made just after each ball from the previous step returns to your dominant hand.
    Practice this extensively. To add in the fourth ball, start with two balls in each hand. Make the same two vertical throws and horizontal pass that you did in step one,  and then, as the first ball approaches your dominant hand, throw the ball in your non-dominant hand vertically and make a horizontal pass from your dominant hand to your non-dominant hand, clearing space for your dominant hand to catch the first ball. Immediately after the ball is caught, make another vertical throw from your non-dominant hand while also making a second pass to your non-dominant hand using the ball that your dominant hand just caught. At this point, the last vertical ball thrown from your dominant hand should be caught, and there should be one ball in your non-dominant hand and two balls in the air above it. As the first of those balls in the air descends toward your non-dominant hand, make a pass back to your dominant hand and catch that ball. Then catch the second ball that was in the air.
    Practice this on both sides. To run the full Four Ball Box, just make a vertical throw from your dominant hand as the non-dominant hand is passing back its ball at the end of the step show above. This will set you up to run another cycle, at which point you simply keep repeating cycles and alternating sides.