Underarm Shower

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     The Underarm Shower is a variation of the Shower pattern in which the high throws are made under-the-arm (as the name implies). This creates a very distorted and lopsided trick in which the high throw becomes nearly vertical and the horizontal pass is directed away from its receiving hand. This makes the pattern awkward to juggle, while also providing an interesting aesthetic.

    To learn the Underarm Shower, start with one ball in each hand. Position your non-dominant hand at the center of your body, and then cross your dominant hand underneath your non-dominant hand. Make a high throw from your dominant hand toward the center of your body while simultaneously passing the ball in your non-dominant hand toward the dominant side of your body. Quickly uncross your dominant hand and catch the passed ball. The high throw will then be caught by your non-dominant hand.
    Practice this until the throw/pass combination becomes second nature. To add in the third ball, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Position your non-dominant hand in the center and cross your dominant hand underneath (as done in the previous step), then make a high throw from your dominant hand. As that ball peaks and begins to descend, make a second high throw from your dominant hand paired with a horizontal pass from your non-dominant hand (as done in the previous step). Catch the first high throw with your non-dominant hand, and then catch the second one.
    Practice this until you can make all three throws comfortably. To run the full Underarm Shower, simply make another throw/pass combination after the second high throw, and then repeat the cycle. The Underarm Shower will take some time to get used to, but the pattern itself is fairly easy.