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ashomsky (video)

     The Windmill—also known as the False Shower—is a three ball trick in which the balls travel in a circular pattern, being thrown from one side and caught on the other. As you can see from the siteswap (3), the Windmill is actually just an incredibly distorted Cascade, with the balls being thrown between hands. The arm movements of the Windmill are also very similar to Mills Mess, such that knowing Mills Mess makes it very easy to learn the Windmill. This tutorial however will assume you do not already know the Mills Mess pattern.

    To learn the Windmill, start with two balls in your non-dominant hand and one ball in your dominant. Cross your arms such that your non-dominant hand is on top. Then, make a throw from your non-dominant hand toward the center of your body, and uncross your arms. After your arms have completely uncrossed, make a throw from your dominant hand in the same direction as the first ball. Then, recross your arms such that your dominant hand is on top, and then catch the first ball with your dominant hand. As the second ball begins descending, throw the last ball from your non-dominant hand under your dominant arm and then catch the second ball with your non-dominant hand. Finally, catch the third ball with your dominant hand.
    Practice this until your are comfortable with those three throws. Next, we are going to add in an additional two throws. The previous step leaves off with your dominant arm crossed over your non-dominant arm. To add in the two throws, you are going to uncross your arms (while the third throw is still in the air) and make a fourth throw going the same direction. You will then recross your arms with your dominant arm staying on top, and catch the third throw with your dominant hand. As the fourth throw begins its descent, you will make a fifth throw with your non-dominant hand under your dominant arm (this is identical to the last throw of the previous step) and then uncross your arms to catch the fourth ball. Then catch the fifth ball with your dominant hand.
    And that's all there is to the Windmill. To run the full pattern, just keep making those alternating fourth and fifth throws, and make sure that only one hand is ever on top when your arms are crossed. The Windmill can also be juggled in the other direction, with the opposite hand on top.