Georgian Shuffle

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TWJ Club (text-based)
Chris Coxon (video)

     The Georgian Shuffle is a three ball trick that pairs a fake "throw" with a split multiplex to create a smooth and rhythmic pattern. The Georgian Shuffle, unlike many common three ball tricks like Rubenstein's Revenge or Mills Mess, mostly isolates the two sides of your body, creating a unique asymmetry that is both pleasing to juggle and pleasing to spectators.

    To learn the Georgian Shuffle, it is best start with the multiplex. Hold two balls in your dominant hand, and then perform a split multiplex throw, where the two balls leave your hand on one horizontal plane. Then, bring your dominant hand up and claw catch the innermost ball at its peak, reaching your non-dominant hand around to grab the outside ball as it falls back down. 
    Make sure to catch the inside ball using only the first three fingers of your dominant hand, since you will need to use the other fingers to catch a second ball. Once you have the step above mastered, you are ready to add in the third ball. Start with two balls in your dominant hand, and one ball in your non-dominant. Then, do a multiplex and catch the inside ball just like in the previous step. Then, bring your non-dominant hand around and throw the ball in that hand, clearing space to catch the outside multiplexed ball. Finally, bring your dominant hand over and around the ball just thrown from your non-dominant hand, and catch it.
    After you have mastered this step, the only thing left is to add in a fake "throw" with your non-dominant hand before the multiplex. Your non-dominant hand will throw a ball and then claw catch the ball right after, and just as you're making that claw catch, you will perform the multiplex and subsequent throws/catches, before making a second fake "throw" after making the last catch shown in the previous step.