Crossed-Arm Cascade

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     The Crossed-Arm Cascade is a variation of the normal Cascade in which all the throws and catches are made with crossed arms. This makes the pattern very awkward, but does not significantly alter its overall shape. The Crossed-Arm Cascade is harder than the regular Cascade, but should only take at most a couple of days to master.

    To learn the Crossed-Arm Cascade, start with one ball in each hand. Cross your dominant hand over your non-dominant, and then make a throw from your dominant hand toward your non-dominant hand. As the ball is reaching its peak, make a throw from your non-dominant hand to your dominant hand, clearing space for your non-dominant hand to catch the first ball. The second ball will then be caught by your dominant hand.
    Practice this on both sides (with the same arm arrangement). After you can make these two throws and catches comfortably, you are ready to add in the third ball. Start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make the same two throws performed in the first step, and then make a third throw from your dominant hand, clearing space for that hand to catch the second throw, made from your non-dominant hand.
    Once these first three throws are mastered, you simply need to keep making alternating throws from each hand, as if juggling the normal Cascade.