Compressed Olas

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Ola Löfberg (end of video)

     Compressed Olas (improvised name) is a variation of the Olas pattern in which the revolving catch is used on both multiplexed balls, instead of just the top one. This leads to a smaller and quicker trick that may be slightly more difficult than its slower parent pattern. While I would recommending learning normal Olas before this variation, the two can really be learned in interchangeable order. However, this tutorial will assume you already know the standard pattern.

     Since the only real difference between normal Olas and the Compressed form is the revolving catch, you will need to learn to grab both multiplexed balls with that style of catch. Start with just two balls, both in your non-dominant hand. Then, multiplex them as if juggling Olas, but instead of tossing back the passed ball from the multiplex, you are going to hold on to it and do a revolving catch on the second ball.
    Practice this on both sides. Notice how one hand is nothing after each multiplex. The third ball will fit in there, being thrown before the multiplex as if in the normal pattern, but in Compressed Olas the ball is not passed into the revolving catch, and will instead be continuously tossed over the multiplex for the duration of the trick.