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Kevin Axtell (demonstration)

     Grace is a simple yet tricky three ball pattern which uses a stacked multiplex combined with sweeping arm motions to create a fairly unique juggling experience. The trick itself is really just a three ball Multiplex-Cascade, with the multiplex being thrown vertically and caught by the other hand.

    To begin learning Grace, start with two balls in your dominant hand. Bring your hand over and do a stacked multiplex on the other side of your body such that the two balls are around 2-3 inches apart (closer is better for this trick). Then, take your non-dominant hand and grab the top ball when it is at its peak. That hand will then come down and around on the outside and catch the second ball.

    As shown above, practice this on both sides. You will want to make sure that the balls are close enough together so that the catches aren't rushed, as this will harm the aesthetic (and make the trick more difficult). Once you have this step mastered, you are ready to add in the third ball. Start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make a Column-ish Cascade throw from your non-dominant hand, and then bring your dominant hand to the other side of your body. Make a stacked multiplex throw (like in step one), and then bring your dominant hand back to catch the first ball. With your non-dominant hand, you are going to catch the top multiplexed ball at its peak, and then grab the second ball (like in step one).

    Again, practice this on both sides. To run the full pattern, just cut out the pause in between cycles so that you make a Cascade throw from one hand right as the other hand is catching the second multiplexed ball. Grace looks best when done with fluid and rhythmic arm motions, which will take some practice.