Burke's Slam

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TWJ Club (text-based)

     Burke's Slam is a variation of the Boston Shuffle in which the slammed ball is carried around and over the rest of the pattern, as if juggling Takeouts; the name "Burke's Slam" likely arose due to the common confusion between Burke's Barrage and Takeouts. It is important that you already have some experience with both the Boston Shuffle and Takeouts before attempting Burke's Slam.

    To begin learning Burke's Slam, start with one ball in your dominant hand and two balls in your non-dominant hand. Cross your hands such that your dominant arm is over your non-dominant arm, then make a vertical throw from your non-dominant hand. At the same time, you are going to uncross your arms and swing your dominant hand up and over the thrown ball, which should just be reaching its peak. As that ball begins to descend, you are going to make a slam throw (diagonal pass) from your dominant hand down to your non-dominant hand, clearing space for your dominant hand to claw-catch the descending vertical ball. As the slam throw is being performed, you are also going to throw the ball in your non-dominant hand over the slammed ball and toward the dominant side of your body. This will clear space for your non-dominant hand to catch the slammed ball, after which you will catch the last ball with your dominant hand.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To continue the pattern, just make another vertical under-the-arm throw, this time with your dominant hand, using the slammed ball. You will then make a slam throw from your non-dominant hand, and the trick will continue on from there. Burke's Slam is a very easy pattern to learn if you are already familiar with the Boston Shuffle, and is quite fun to juggle.