Romeo's Revenge

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     Romeo's Revenge is a three ball pattern closely related to Rubenstein's Revenge. The major difference between the two tricks is the flourish, which is far less smooth in Romeo's Revenge. Since it bears less resemblance to Mills Mess, Romeo's Revenge is generally harder to learn than Rubenstein's Revenge, therefore it is best that you are already familiar with the latter before trying this trick.

    To learn Romeo's Revenge, it is best to begin with the flourish. Start with two balls, one in each hand, and arms crossed. Uncross and recross your arms, then throw a ball vertically from your bottom hand (which started out on top). Then, throw the ball in your other hand (on top) and use that empty hand to claw catch the first ball. The second ball should be thrown back towards the center of your body, and caught by your bottom hand.

    Practice this flourish on both sides until it feels natural. Then, all that's left it to add in the third ball. Start with your arms crossed, two balls in your lower hand, one ball in your upper hand. Make a vertical throw  with a ball from your lower hand, and then execute the flourish shown above, bringing the lower hand around and down on top of the first ball thrown, which will be caught by the upper hand hand which makes the first throw of the flourish. You will then complete the flourish by throwing the last ball from your lower hand (now on top), claw catching the second ball, and then catching the third ball with hand now on the bottom.
    Practice this on both sides. To do the full Romeo's Revenge, you simply need to make another vertical throw before catching the last ball of the flourish, and then simply repeat the flourish using the new vertical ball. Work on doing one or two cycles at a time, and then add more as you become more comfortable with the pattern. As in Rubenstein's  Revenge, each ball has its own unique path, so balls travelling differently each cycle is a sign that something is wrong.