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Draitube (video)

     Columns is usually the first synchronous (balls thrown from both hands at the same time) pattern a juggler learns. It gets its name from the vertical path travelled by each ball, similar to the columns used in architecture. Like the overthrow patterns, Columns is a fairly easy trick to learn.

    Breaking the trick down, we can see that Columns is really just a Two-in-One in one hand with a third ball thrown synchronously from the other hand.

    Knowing this, it would be important to make sure you can juggle the columns-style Two-in-One, where the balls travel vertically in their own separate paths:

    One you have that down, all that's left is to add in the third ball (and second hand). Starting with the Two-in-One, you are going to wait until you are about throw your outside Two-in-One ball (the one that isn't at the center of your body). As you are making that throw, you are also going to throw the third ball up at the same time:
     Once you can do a single synchronous throw reliably, you can begin cutting down on the number of "recovery throws" you make, and move towards doing constant synchronous throws. Once you have the basic Columns pattern down, there are countless variations that can add extra complexity and visual flair.