Inverted Box

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Chris Hodge (video)

     The Inverted Box is a variation of the standard three ball Box in which the horizontal pass is made above the two other balls, instead of underneath them. This creates a fast-paced pattern in which accurate throws are a necessity. Before learning the Inverted Box, it is important for you to be already comfortable with the N-Box and Luke's Shuffle, since this trick combines aspects of both patterns.

    To begin learning the Inverted Box, start with one ball in each hand. Raise your non-dominant hand about a foot above your dominant hand, and then make a near-horizontal throw from your non-dominant hand in the direction of your dominant hand. Simultaneously, throw the ball in your dominant hand vertically such that the first ball will pass over it. Now that your dominant hand is empty, you can raise it up to catch the first ball. Immediately after you have caught it, throw it, at the same height, back to your non-dominant hand, clearing space for you to catch the second ball.
    Practice this extensively on both sides, making sure that the vertical throw peaks at a height significantly lower than the height of the horizontal pass. Once you have this step mastered, you are ready to add in the third ball. Start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make a vertical throw from your dominant hand while simultaneously raising that hand up to make a horizontal pass. As you perform the pass, make a second vertical throw, this time from your non-dominant hand, and catch the passed ball.
   Once you have this step mastered on both sides, you can attempt to juggle the full Inverted Box by simply making another horizontal pass going back to your dominant hand, and then adding in more throws as you become more comfortable with the pattern. This trick is not easy, and will take a lot of practice to master.