Kingston Shuffle

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Greg Phillips (demonstration)

     The Kingston Shuffle is a three ball pattern established by Greg Phillips that uses a rather unique vertical catch along with stacked multiplexes to create a fairly original trick. The Kingston Shuffle also bears some resemblance to the Georgian Shuffle, since it employs a "fake" throw from one hand back to itself.

    To learn the Kingston Shuffle, start with one ball in your dominant hand and two balls in your non-dominant. Bring your non-dominant hand toward the center of your body, and make a roughly vertical throw angled slightly toward your dominant hand. Simultaneously, raise your dominant hand such that it stays roughly the same distance from the ball thrown by your non-dominant hand. Once that ball reaches its peak and begins to descend, bring your dominant down on it, catching the ball. As that ball is caught, make a throw from your non-dominant hand toward the center of your body, then raise that same hand up and claw catch the ball. As that catch is being made, perform a stacked multiplex throw from your dominant hand, catching the top ball with your dominant hand and the bottom ball with your non-dominant.
    Practice this on both sides. To add in the final two throws, you are going to reach over and make a Column throw on the opposite side of your body with your non-dominant hand. This will clear space for you to catch the bottom multiplexed ball. Simultaneously, you are going to raise up your dominant hand after you make the multiplex and pluck the top ball out of the air as it's reaching its peak. You will then swing this ball over and around the Column throw that you just made from your non-dominant hand. That ball will then be thrown from the center of your body toward your non-dominant hand, which will rise up with and drop down to catch the ball (just like in the very first throw).
    Again, practice this on both sides. The final catch of this step marks the beginning of a new cycle, so to run the full Kingston Shuffle you just need to make another throw/claw catch combination using your dominant hand, and then follow it up with a stacked multiplex from your non-dominant hand.