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Expert Village (demonstration)

     The Half-Shower is one of the first asymmetrical (one hand does one thing and the other other hand does something else) patterns jugglers learn. It is called the Half-Shower because it bears resemblance to the Shower pattern, where the lower ball is thrown horizontally between hands. As always, we are going to break this trick down into its core throws. It can be plainly seen in the animation that one hand is making a constant overthrow, while the other hand is making constant underthrows. This is even more evident if we exaggerate the height of each throw (as seen on the right).
    For the sake of this tutorial I will be assuming that you are already able to perform Juggler's Tennis without too much trouble. If you are not familiar with the trick, go learn it; that way you will have a good grasp on doing overthrows. Practicing the Half-Shower is rather simple. Start by doing a single overthrow, and then do a second overthrow from that same hand. After you do that, fall back into the regular Cascade. The idea is to slowly add in more overthrows as you are practicing. Below, the animation is doing a run of four:

    As you get more and more comfortable with the trick, you can keep adding more and more overthrows until eventually you can run the pattern indefinitely. You will also begin to notice that your pattern can shrink in size, and the overthrows can be made at regular cascade height (as is seen in the main animation at the top of the page). Like the animation directly above, you want to make sure you practice with both hands.