Symmetric Georgian Shuffle

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Guillaume Riesen (video)

     The Symmetric Georgian Shuffle is, as it sounds, a symmetrical variation of the Georgian Shuffle. Instead of making a fake toss with one of your hands (as done in the original Georgian Shuffle), you make an actual throw, under which you perform the multiplex. Beyond that, the two Georgian Shuffles are pretty similar, except the inside multiplexed ball is grabbed by the hand that didn't throw it (i.e. the hand that made the first throw) in the symmetrical variation.

    Before attempting the Symmetric Georgian Shuffle, it is important that you already be able to juggle the normal Georgian Shuffle on both sides of your body (i.e. you are able to juggle the pattern with either hand making the multiplex). To begin learning the Symmetric Georgian Shuffle, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make a normal Cascade-style throw from your non-dominant hand, and then cross your dominant hand to the non-dominant side of your body (your non-dominant hand can either be brought to the outside or up against your chest to move it out of the way). Make a split-multiplex throw from your dominant hand, and then catch the Cascade throw with your now empty dominant hand. As the multiplexed balls reach their peak, pluck the inside ball out of the air using your non-dominant hand, and then cross your dominant hand underneath your non-dominant hand to catch the outside ball.
    Practice this on both sides. To add in the final throw, run through the same throws and catches made in the previous step, but add in an under-the-arm vertical throw along the outside of the outer multiplexed ball using your dominant hand, which will then catch the multiplexed ball. As that outside vertical throw begins to descend, take your non-dominant hand, which should have just grabbed the inside multiplexed ball, and swing it over and around the outside ball, catching it as the ball descends.
    As shown, practice this step on both sides. You have just completed one cycle of the Symmetric Georgian Shuffle. To run the full pattern, simply make another Cascade-style throw (with your opposite hand this time) slightly before the outside vertical throw is caught by your other hand. This will set you up to make another multiplex throw, after which the cycle simply continues.