Pendulum Drop

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     The Pendulum Drop is a three ball pattern in which one hand juggles a Two in one while the other hand rhythmically catches and drops a third ball. When done properly, that hand will move back and forth in a manner reminiscent of a pendulum. The Pendulum Drop is one of three main tricks that use a consitent horizontal carry (the other two being the Factory and Inverted Shower).

    To learn the Pendulum Drop, start by juggling a Two in one with your dominant hand while holding a third ball in your non-dominant hand. Raise your non-dominant hand such that it is at the same height as the peak of your Two in one, and then make a small throw from your non-dominant hand toward your dominant hand (you are pretty much dropping the ball down to your other hand). At the same time, make a throw from your dominant hand toward the center of your body, so that it peaks near your non-dominant hand. Catch that ball with your non-dominant hand, and then continue juggling a Two in one with your dominant hand.
    Practice this until your are comfortable making the pass from your non-dominant hand. To run the full pattern, you are going to make a pass after every two throws from your dominant hand (i.e. every other throw). When your non-dominant hand is not making a pass, you are going to swing it away for the center of your body, a position which it will then swing back from when making another throw (this creates the pendulum effect). A fair amount of practice will likely be required to achieve maximum smoothness and rhythm.