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Andrew Olson (demonstration)

     The Takearound is an asymmetric variation of the Takeouts pattern (one the most popular 423 mess patterns) in which each hand handles the siteswap 2 differently. One hand performs a normal takeout carry around the pattern, while the other hand, in lieu of a takeout, has the considerably more difficult task of a dropped active 2 while crossed over on the other side of the juggler's body, and while also contending with the path of the other arm.

     In this pattern each ball plays a unique role (so it may be helpful to learn it with three differently colored balls). The focal point and inspiration of the pattern name is the takearound 4/2 ball, which is only touched by the dominant hand. Its path is a vertical 4 on the opposite side of the body, caught close to its peak, and then a swooping 2 up and around the pattern, ending up at the point where it started for the next 4 throw. The other 4/2 ball, touched only by the other hand, stays in a vertical column on the opposite side of the body. The 4 throw for this ball is essentially the same as for the takearound ball, although it is caught a little lower. The first part of the 2 is a slight carry upward, after which the ball is dropped and subsequently caught by the same hand. It is then quickly thrown back up as the next 4. Meanwhile, the siteswap 3 ball is thrown vertically along the center of the pattern and the juggler's torso, alternating hands with each catch Unlike the other two balls, it does not have a particularly interesting life story.

     To start learning this pattern, study the simple two ball exercise above. Disregarding the siteswap 3 ball for the moment, work on the mechanics and timing of the two 4/2 balls. Once you feel comfortable with this, you can add in the third ball.

     Start with two balls in your dominant hand and the third ball in your non-dominant hand. First, throw the takearound ball straight up with your dominant hand from a crossed position underneath the opposite arm. The second ball is then dropped from your non-dominant hand, after which you will whip that same hand around to catch it and end up with your dominant arm crossed over your non-dominant arm. As you catch the dropped ball with your non-dominant hand, your dominant hand will throw the third ball up in a central column and then reach up to catch the first ball. The second ball is then thrown up vertically by your non-dominant hand, allowing it to catch the third ball, while your dominant hand carries the first ball around the pattern. To reset, pass the third ball into your dominant hand as it reaches the end of its arc, and catch the second ball in your non-dominant hand, crossing over your dominant arm.

     Adding more cycles of the pattern should be relatively straightforward once you have mastered the previous exercises. The continuous Takearound pattern is relatively challenging, but quite fun to juggle.

Tutorial created and submitted by Andrew Olson.