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JuugEnterprise (demonstration)

     The 55550—also known as Five With a Hole—is a four ball pattern in which all throws are made as if doing a Five Ball Cascade, except one of the balls is simply missing. This creates a short window of time where all the balls are in the air, making the 55550 technically a flash. The trick is somewhat impressive on its own, but is particularly valuable when practicing the Five Ball Cascade.

     The learn the 55550, it is best to start with two balls in each hand. Make a Cascade-like throw from your dominant hand, followed by a throw from your non-dominant hand, then your dominant hand again, and finally a last throw from your non-dominant hand. There should be a brief period of time where neither of your hands is holding a ball.
    Make sure to pay close attention to the timing of your throws. You want the period of time where all balls are in the air to be as short as possible, in order make the trick appear seamless. Once you have one cycle mastered, all that's left is to keep making the same set of throws repeatedly and you will be running the full 55550.