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Roma76811 (video)

     The Shower is one of the most recognizable patterns. With its lofty overthrows paired with rapid fire horizontal passes, the Shower is a very enjoyable trick to juggle.

    Breaking the pattern down, we see that the whole trick is made up of two kinds of throws, just like the Half-Shower which you (should) already know. However, unlike the Half-Shower, there is a continuous pass between your hands, similar to the Half-Box.

    So, to begin learning the Shower, you are going to want to practice making passes and overthrows simultaneously. Start with one ball in each hand. Make one large overthrow with your dominant hand, and then immediately pass the other ball to you now empty dominant hand:

    Practice this until it is second nature. The second step is very similar to the first except that you are changing up the timing. Start with two balls in each hand, throw an overthrow with your dominant hand, but this time wait until that first ball is about to land into your non-dominant hand, then make the pass:

    Again, practice this until it is second nature. For the third step, you are still going to start with one ball in each hand. But this time you are going to make one overthrow, then one pass (like in step one), then overthrow the ball you just passed, catch the first ball in your other hand, make a pass, and catch the second ball in that same hand:

    Like the other two steps, you are going to want to get very comfortable with these throws. Those first two throws and last two catches are at the same speed as the full trick. For the final step, you are going to start with three balls—two in your dominant hand, one in your non-dominant. You are going to make one overthrow from your dominant hand, then make a second one using the other ball from that hand. Just as that second ball is leaving, you are going to make a pass using the third ball in your non-dominant hand. If you timed it right, the first ball should land in your non-dominant right after you make the pass, thus allowing you to keep repeating the cycle:

    And there you have it. To continue the pattern, you just keep making a pass each time a ball is heading towards your non-dominant hand. After you have the Shower pattern solid, you can reverse directions and make overthrows from your non-dominant hand. I would highly recommend doing this, because it helps prepare both your hands for making consistent horizontal passes, which will occur in patterns like the Box. You can also add more balls into the pattern (four and five ball Showers are quite common), the only difference is that your throws must be higher and faster.