Four Ball Columns

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Todd Strong (demonstration)

     Four Ball Columns is a four ball variation of Columns, such that two balls are always thrown vertically inside, and two are always thrown vertically outside. Once you are familiar with the Synchronous Fountain, Four Ball Columns should not be a very difficult trick to master.

     Before trying to learn Four Ball Columns, it is important to make sure you can juggle a vertical Two-in-one with each hand.
    Once you have this mastered in on both sides, you are ready to try the full pattern. Start with two balls in each hand. Simultaneously make a vertical throw with each hand near the center of your body, and when those balls are at their peak, simultaneously throw the last ball in each hand vertically along the sides of the two center balls, and then catch all the balls.
    And that's all there is to Four Ball Columns. To run the full pattern, just make another pair of vertical throws in the center, and keep alternating between inside and outside throws.