Five Ball Half-Shower

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MrJugglr (video)

     The Five Ball Half-Shower is basically a Five Ball Cascade where one hand makes constant overthrows, while the other hand makes low throws. This gives the pattern two distinct arches, with the top arch being roughly twice as high as the lower arch.

    To learn the Five Ball Half-Shower, I found it easiest to start by juggling a Five Ball Cascade pattern. Then, make an overthrow with your dominant hand, such that the ball travels over all the other balls, and then catch it with your non-dominant hand and resume juggling the Cascade.
    Practice this one overthrow until you are able to do it consistently and cleanly. After that, the only thing other thing to do is to keep adding overthrows in an ever-growing chain. As you make these overthrows, you will want to also concentrate on lowering the height of your normal throws, as seen in the animation at the top of this page. However, that animation is not intended to be an absolute representation of the Five Ball Half-Shower, since the pattern itself can be juggled using a variety of a heights, and even a variety of siteswaps such as 73, 5, and (6x,4x).