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TWJ Club (text-based)

     The Crossunder is a variation of Columns in which the simultaneous vertical throws are made with your arms crossed. This adds another layer of complexity and makes for a more interesting—and difficult—pattern. Before attempting the Crossunder you should already be very comfortable juggling Columns with either hand catching the middle ball.

    To begin learning the Crossunder, start with one ball in each hand. Cross your arms such that you dominant arm is on top of your non-dominant arm, and then simultaneously make a vertical throw from each hand. Focus on making sure that the balls go straight up and peak at the same height. After the throws you will uncross your hands and catch each ball with the hand that didn't throw it.
    Practice this using both arm configurations. To add in the third ball, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant hand. Make a vertical throw from your dominant hand along the center of your body and then, as that ball peaks and begins to descend, cross your arms and make the two vertical throws practiced in step one. While uncrossing your arms you will catch the center ball with the hand that was crossed under your other hand (you could catch the ball using the hand on top, but that would be a slightly different trick). You will then catch the two vertical balls with your hands uncrossed.
    Practice this on both sides. You have just completed one cycle of the Crossunder. To run the pattern continuously all you have to do is make another central vertical throw and then cross your arms in the opposite configuration to make another set of simultaneous throws. Just keep alternating your arm positions with every pair of throws and make sure to catch the center ball with the hand that was on the bottom. The Crossunder is a fun variation of a very easy base pattern (Columns), so the trick is great for beginners who are looking for something a bit more difficult.