Swap Box

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TWJ Club (text-based)

     The Swap Box is a three ball variation of the Box pattern in which a double-pass is made underneath each vertical throw. These double-passes make for a very fast-paced trick, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the normal Box. Before learning the Swap Box, it is important that you be already able to juggle the Shuffle-Switch, a Columns variation that utilizes the double-pass, and the regular Box pattern.

    To begin learning the Swap Box, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Make a vertical throw from your dominant hand, and then do a quick double-pass as that ball reaches its peak. As the ball descends back toward your dominant hand, make a vertical throw from your non-dominant hand paired with a horizontal pass from your dominant hand, clearing space for your dominant hand to catch the first ball. Catch the second vertical ball with your non-dominant hand.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To run the full Swap Box, just make another double-pass after the second vertical throw, and then simply repeat the cycle. The Swap Box is best learned with high vertical throws, but for the best effect you will want to bring them down to normal Box height as you become more proficient.