Four Ball Half-Shower

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JugglingStein (video)

     The Four Ball Half-Shower is a synchronous trick in which one hand makes constant overthrows while the other hand makes constant underthrows. While this version of the Four Ball Half-Shower is probably the most popular, there is also a slightly more difficult asynchronous version (siteswap 53) in which the gap between the high and low throws is much larger.

    To learn the Four Ball Half-Shower, it is important to master synchronous high-low throws, a skill that can be challenging at first. Start with one ball in each hand, and then make a high overthrow with your dominant hand while simultaneously making a low underthrow with your non-dominant hand.
    Practice this pair of throws until you are very comfortable with it. Then, with two balls in each hand, make one pair of throws, and when they are at their peak, throw a second pair using your last two balls.
    Once you have two sets of throws mastered, you can move on to three, four, and so on, until you able to juggle the Four Ball Half-Shower continously. Once you have mastered making overthrows with your dominant hand, you can switch sides and learn the Half-Shower going the opposite direction.