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     Arches is a synchronous four ball pattern in which each hand alternates between overthrows and underthrows. It can also bee seen as a Half-Shower that constantly switches directions. Due to a greater risk of collisions, in addition to a more complicated throwing pattern, Arches has a higher difficulty than the standard Half-Shower.

    To learn Arches, it is important that you are first able to juggle the Four Ball Half-Shower in both directions (i.e. making overthrows with either hand). The first step to actually learning Arches is to juggle a Four Ball Half-Shower going one direction, and then switch directions by shortening one of your overthrows and making a higher overthrow with the hand that was, before, making underthrows. The hand that was previously making an overthrow should then make an underthrow before switching back to overthrows.
    This is essentially Arches with an extra pair of Half-Shower throws inserted before switching sides. Once you are comfortable with this slower pattern, all that's needed to run full Arches is to cut out those extra throws, and switch sides continously.