Luke's Lobotomy

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Luke Burrage (demonstration)

     Luke's Lobotomy is a three ball pattern established by Luke Burrage. While fairly simple overall, the trick is hard to describe, as it combines an odd Crossed-Arm Reverse Cascade variation (where all the throws and catches are made "over-the-arm") with under-the-arm throws reminiscent of the Buffalo Shuffle.

    To begin learning Luke's Lobotomy, start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant. Cross your dominant arm over your non-dominant arm, and then perform a high throw toward the center of your body from your dominant hand while simultaneously making a short under-the-arm vertical throw from your non-dominant hand. After making these throws, uncross and then recross your arms such that your non-dominant hand is now on top, and then use that hand to catch (claw catch is probably easiest) the ball it had thrown under-the-arm. You will then catch the high ball using your non-dominant hand as well.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. For the next step you are going to link the two sides together. Start by performing the same pair of throws that you did in the previous step, but instead of simply waiting to catch the high throw you will instead make another pair of throws, this time with your non-dominant hand making the high throw. The previous high throw will then be caught by your now empty non-dominant hand as your arms uncross and recross, putting your dominant hand back on top where it can catch its under-the-arm throw. You will then catch the high throw from your non-dominant hand with your dominant hand.
    Practice this on both sides. By now your body should begin to automatically continue the pattern, as it simply keeps making alternating pairs of throws. While Luke's Lobotomy is a fairly easy pattern, the trick has a unique look and feel that makes it pleasing to both watch and juggle.