Mangham's Mangle

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     Mangham's Mangle is a three ball pattern established by Matt Mangham. It uses claw catches paired with large, revolving arm motions to create a fairly unique trick. The odd timing of the catches, combined with an overall exaggeration of movement, makes Mangham's Mangle a fun trick to watch.

    To learn Mangham's Mangle, start by juggling a normal Cascade. After catching a ball with your dominant hand, raise it up a few inches and cross your non-dominant hand underneath your dominant hand, making a throw toward the center of your body. As you make that throw, swing your dominant hand around and over the ball being thrown. As your dominant hand comes back around, and as the thrown ball descends toward your non-dominant hand (which should be at the center of your body ready to catch the ball), make simultaneous throws from both your dominant hand, directed toward the opposite side of your body, and your non-dominant hand, directed from the center toward your dominant hand. With your dominant hand still up in the air (make sure to exaggerate the effect), claw catch the ball thrown from your non-dominant hand, while using that hand to catch the ball thrown from your dominant hand.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To run the full Mangham's Mangle, you just need to cut out all but one of the Cascade throws that separates each cycle. As you are catching the two balls from the simultaneous pair of throws, you are going to make a Cascade throw from your non-dominant hand to clear space for the catch..This will then be followed by the under-the-arm throw done at the beginning of the cycle shown in step one. This is then of course followed by the exaggerated revolving arm motion and simultaneous throws.
    The final arm motion shown in the animation above marks the beginning of the next cycle. Simply repeat the same throws and catches (alternating hands and sides) and you will be juggling the full Mangham's Mangle.