Orka's Mess

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     Orka's Mess is a three ball trick established by Ori Roth  in which two balls are thrown across your body stacked on the same vertical plane. This gives the trick a unique aesthetic that is both enjoyable to juggle and pleasing to spectators.

    To learn Orka's Mess, it is best to begin by practicing the stacked two ball throws. Start with one ball in each hand, then bring your non-dominant hand to the other side of your body and position your dominant hand about twelve inches above it. Once your hands are properly oriented, simultaneously throw both balls across your body such that they stay vertically aligned. Then simulatanesouly catch each ball with the same hand that threw it.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To add in the third ball, you are going to start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant hand. Position your non-dominant hand underneath your dominant hand and make the two stacked throws (as done in the previous step).  As the two balls are coming back down, make a throw across your body from your dominant hand, and then catch the top ball from the stack. At the same time, catch the bottom ball with your non-dominant hand, and then when the third ball is coming down, make a vertical-ish throw from under your dominant arm. Finally, swing your dominant hand underneath that vertical ball, and catch it with your non-dominant hand.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To run the full Orka's Mess, simply make two more stacked throws (from the other side this time) as the last ball from the previous step is coming down, and then catch it with your top hand (non-dominant in this case). Then bring that ball underneath the stacked balls and make a throw across your body, catching the top ball of the stack. The cycle simply repeats again after this, and your body should start picking up the pattern. If you get stuck, simply watch the full pattern animation closely to see what throws/catches you should be making.