Peter's Shuffle

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TWJ Club (text-based)

     Peter's Shuffle is a variation of the Boston Shuffle that I found on the TWJC website in which an orbit is performed before making each Slam throw. This accelerates the pace of the pattern, while also making it more dynamic. This tutorial will assume you already know the basic Boston Shuffle.

    To learn Peter's Shuffle, it is best to begin with the orbit/slam combination. Start with one ball in each hand, and then bring your non-dominant hand to the other side of your body while raising your dominant hand as if preparing to do a Chop. Then, make a vertical throw from your non-dominant hand while simultaneously performing a Chop with your dominant hand. This Chop will turn into an orbit as you bring your dominant hand back around and over the ball thrown from your non-dominant hand. Once your dominant hand reaches its peak, make a Slam throw to your non-dominant hand and claw catch the vertical ball.
    Practice this extensively on both sides. It's best to keep the vertical throw low, since that allows you to make a smaller, cleaner, orbit. To add in the third ball, start by juggling a normal Cascade. Then, make a vertical under-the-arm throw with your non-dominant hand, while simultaneously doing a Chop (like in step one). Finish up the orbit and prepare to make a Slam with your dominant hand. Just before doing so, make an overthrow with your non-dominant hand, as if in the Reverse Cascade. This will clear space for your non-dominant hand to catch the Slam. After making the Slam and claw catching the under-the-arm throw, resume juggling a Cascade.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. To run the full Peter's Shuffle, simply follow up the overthrow with an under-the-arm throw from your dominant hand and an orbit/slam from your non-dominant. Assuming you already know the Boston Shuffle, this continuation should come naturally.