Relf's Factory

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     Relf's Factory is a variation of the Factory pattern in which a circular arm flourish is added before each drop. This gives a more flowing and smooth aesthetic to the otherwise angular Factory, while also adding in some complexity and difficulty. Before attempting Relf's Factory it is of course important that you already be very comfortable juggling the regular Factory, and it might also help to know Mangham's Mangle.

    To begin learning Relf's Factory, start with two balls in your non-dominant hand and one ball in your dominant hand. Swing your dominant hand up and around in a circle while simultaneously making a fairly short two-in-one throw from your non-dominant hand. The throw should occur at roughly the same time that your dominant hand is on the non-dominant side of your body, so the throw will be made under-the-arm. As the thrown ball peaks your dominant hand should move underneath it and then back up to roughly where the circle started. You will then make a second throw from your non-dominant hand, this time a crossing throw toward the dominant side of your body, clearing space for your non-dominant hand to catch the first ball it threw. Your dominant hand, having just finished its circle, will then shift horizontally over to the non-dominant side of your body such that it arrives right as the crossing throw peaks. You will then bring the hand back down to catch the crossing throw.
    As shown, practice this on both sides. For the next step you are going to drop the ball from your dominant hand after it finishes its horizontal shift. You will then use your now empty dominant hand to snatch the crossing ball (thrown by your non-dominant hand) as it peaks and begins to descend. This is essentially identical to what occurs in the regular Factory. As your dominant hand is snatching its ball you will simultaneously make a second crossing throw, roughly identical to the first, from your non-dominant hand. This will clear space for your non-dominant hand to catch the ball that your dominant hand just dropped. You will then bring your dominant hand down to catch the second crossing throw.
    Once again you should practice this on both sides as shown. You have just completed one full cycle of Relf's Factory. To continue the pattern simply make a two-in-one style throw from your dominant hand while simultaneously starting a circular arm flourish with your non-dominant hand (this is basically just a mirror image of how you started the first cycle), and then repeat the whole process again. Relf's Factory is not a very hard pattern, so if you are looking for an easy way to spice up the regular Factory then this is a good choice.